Legendary AOV comes from a personal desire to learn more about Arena of Valor and make finding information, videos and content easier.

From playing the game in NA a few months back after its NA launch, I've come to love the game. I never played a MOBA before, but the mobile version of a League-of-Legends MOBA has gotten me hooked.

I started watching Twitch videos and Youtube videos on different gameplay by pros, teams, and pro competitions like the Valor Series 2018, AIC 2017, and more, and been fascinated by the different ways to play heroes, techniques and tips from the pros, team comps, hero strengths and weaknesses, builds, arcana, strategies and everything about this world.

As a software engineer by trade, I felt I could make my life easier and compile and curate these resources (especially video) much easier, accessible, and discoverable.

Please join me on this journey and most importantly, contribute, give feedback ask for features, and more.

I hope to encounter you all on the Battlefield!


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